Choosing the Right Photo Booth for your Event

One of the most common questions we get is "What is the difference between our Brand-it Booth, Private Booth, and Open booths?" 

The simple answer is: nothing. Each booth does the exact same thing. Each booth will allow you to take some pictures, get photo prints, and share them digitally. However, each booth offers a different experience while taking your photos.

Our Brand-It Booth is a large structure that allows guests to experience the booth even before they step in. The booth has 7 foot panels that can be branded with any messaging and an overhead monitor for additional branding opportunities. The Los Angeles Dodgers used our booth while on their mall tour during the holiday season. While guest were waiting to take their free photos, they were setting up their mini season ticket plans based on the give-a-way schedule that was posted on the booth. 

Many of our clients don't need the Brand-It Booth, but when they hear "photo booth," they think of a physical structure where they can privately take a photo, and that's exactly what our Private Booth does. Using one of our open booths, we build an enclosure around the photo unit to provide an intimate space for those silly faces or private little moments while taking photos.

Since the creation of social media and "the selfie," exhibisionism is more commonly the status quo, and as such, our Open Booths are the most popular booths we offer. The name itself if a bit misleading because their is no actual "booth," rather it is more of a photo kiosk; a single, compact and mobile unit that can be set up virtually anywhere. Their is no hiding the fun that you have in an Open Booth, everyone at the event shares the experience of each photo session. 

Some people will argue that people restrain themselves with an open booth versus an enclosed booth. I have worked a lot of events and I can tell you first hand that regardless of the choice of a PRIMS Photo Booth; once you grab a friend, strike a pose and share your prints- your always having fun.